22 comments on “Persepolis – The Graphic Novel en. [Download]

  1. thank you so much for your kindness I will have better idea about your culture and life :-]

    • “The French editions of Persepolis 1 and Persepolis 2 were combined into a single volume, Persepolis 1, for the United States market, and “Persepolis 3″ and “Persepolis 4″ were combined into a single volume, “Persepolis 2″.” -Wikipedia

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for the upload, but I was wondering if you could renew the download link? Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the link.Persepolis had been my favorite movie ever since i watch it.And its perfect to read it as a comic book.

  4. thank you so very much for uploading the graphic novels…i needed them so badly n this is d only place where i could download them without trouble…thank u.

  5. Many thanks for putting the pdf out there. I’m teaching this as part of my English course at high school – the students love it (and now know more about Iran than they ever did before!).

  6. A quick question: Do you have permission from Satrapi and/or her publisher to post her work?

  7. Persepolis used to the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire in Persia (ca. 550-330 BC). This historical region constitutes of the ruins of various magnificent structures such as Apadana Palace and the throne Hall. It is also UNESCO world heritage site.

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